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This page presents a few rhymes writ­ten for, or ded­i­ca­ted to, OldCoder's bio­log­i­cal brothers:

Tom Kiraly, CFO of Hanger, Inc.
Ken Kiraly, VP of Amazon Lab126
Scott Kiraly, pos­si­bly deceased of obesity

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150601 Monday — Do Not Their Choices Take

150601. Do Not Their Choices Take.

This piece was part of a conversation with std::vector about the Kiraly Gag-Order cases and choices.

std::vector and I had met for a hike in per­son. As he left, he sug­gest­ed that bad things can be prevented because you can choose to avoid them.

This isn't true because, of course, other peo­ple can choose to do bad things to you.

The rhyme was my re­sponse. I tapped it out in seconds on a stiff cellphone keypad. It was dif­fi­cult to type, but the piece completed it­self as I did so.

It sim­ply came out as it's presented here. std::vector texted back that he “could read it again” and that it was publica­tion­-worthy.

<OldCoder> Did you arrive safely?
<std::vector> I did
<OldCoder> This is because you made the choice not to be attacked by bandits. It is a sensible choice.
<std::vector> I be­lieve I tried to be in moment

If in the moment means float
float is good for a boat
but do not talk by rote
The world is both us and others
You can choose your brothers
but choices too they must make
even if it is in Hell to bake
You must not from them their choices take
If in the fire lake they wish to bake
do not their choices take
Let them choose and then awake
Their choices are theirs and theirs alone
It's time now to hang up the phone
Ken Kiraly and Tom Kiraly

170124 Tuesday — Tom Kiraly Birthday Rhyme

170124. Happy Birthday, Tom Kiraly.

This piece was writ­ten on the occas­ion of Tom Kiraly's 57th birthday (January 24, 2017). The 2nd half is based on Shelly's “Love's Philosophy”.

Tom Kiraly Happy Birthday
Break out the beers
Tom's birthday is heres
Joy unbounded, a life that's rounded
Tom's birthday is heres
Celebrate is great, love is the fate
Tom's birthday is heres
Caring and sharing, no souls are tearing
It's all about love
Love is commitment and devotion
It's commitment in motion
Tom, this above all, Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall
Love is a dove from above
There's a pleasing thought that often springs
to life in me, because it speaks of you
Nature craves Love and crowns Love King
It makes the heart a palace where He'll stay
Honor in a virtuous brother's heart
Makes the soul yearn; all should learn
Love is a dove from above
See the mountains kiss high heaven
And the lion embrace the lamb;
And the sunlight caresses the earth
And the mice taste the brie
What is all this sweet work worth
If thou are not there for me?
Mountains Kiss High Heaven

Kiraly Brothers Daring Helicopter Crew

Photo taken circa 1966. Tom Kiraly is on our left. His brother Bob is on our right.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
Tom Kiraly and Brother Bob Daring Helicopter Crew

161018 Tuesday — Birthday of Kiraly Ken is More Fun than Zen

This is a rhyme writ­ten for Ken Kiraly on the occas­ion of his 53rd birthday (October 18, 2016).

Birthday Letter ahoy to my pride and joy
Happy Birthday to my brother Ken
Enigma to some, open book to me
Ken's no simple-minded Pharisee
Ken's no fool, he's never-ending cool
Pride joy fool cool, Ken is fun now and then
Ken, Happy Birthday. You're 53.
It's a prime num­ber but not a prime age
No need to rage about not a prime age
What shall we do as the years ensue?
It's sim­ple, brother unique, if advice you seek
Age doesn't presage rage be sage as turn the page
Happy Birthday, Brother Buzz
Ken Kiraly

160810 Wednesday — Scott Kiraly Birthday
Scott Kiraly is full of lots of thoughts
But the thoughts are inane
Write about Scott is a pain
Little more can be said
'bout the brother I thought dead
Except sing a friendly refrain
Scott Kiraly, fight the good fight
Let nobody your deficiencies slight
You're a waste of skin
and not very thin
But, what the heck, you love to hate
If you're happy, that is great
Scotts, thoughts, hate, great, fat, thin
It's my little brother for the win
Scott Kiraly
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