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This page offers more short rhymes that OldCoder wrote either for as­soc­i­ates or with them.

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170110 Tuesday — RSS Feed is What We Need

170110. RSS Feed is What We Need.

Mr. Meow asked for an RSS feed
Mr. Meow request we will heed
RSS feed is what we need
RSS feed is modern breed
Here you go

180617 Sunday — A Day without Fossies

I like to make use of and en­cour­age lesser-known FOSS projects. Fossies is a good example. It's a very nice FOSS dir­ec­tory and archive run by an older Coder named Jens. The site is located at:


Jens went on vacation for about two weeks. He didn't announce his return, but I noticed that he was back. So, I sent him a Fossies Song. Here's the song followed by his re­sponse.

A day with­out Fossies
Is one of total Lossies
There is no coin to toss
Without FOSS it's a LOSS
There are many places for code
Github is one abode
But each abode lightens load
And such abode means no forbode
Code all day and all night
Code all night while sun shines bright
Sleep all day and shout hooray
Reach for a bottle of code

Jens' response:

You have a good sense and very attentive eyes: Yes, yesterday evening I and my car came after 4 weeks and 5555 kilometers from Germany to the nearly southernmost point of Europe (Peleponnes, Greece) back at home.

Your surprising poem has made me very happy!

190410 Wednesday — Rhyme Advice Offered Once and Not Twice

190410. Rhyme Advice Offered Once and Not Twice.

This is the advice that I offer­ed to Edgy McEdge on the occas­ion of his 19th birthday. Note: You'll find Mr. McEdge's performance of a nice hymn on the OldCoder Tindeck page.

Years to come, in short, to sum
It's not just a job
It's adventured
Don't proceed as though indentured
Nothing adventured, nothing gained
Analysis doesn't need to be fine-grained
Too serious is like­ly insaned
In the end, nothing re­main­ed
Too light is also a plight
Strive for the right with a degree of might
But rigid is frigid and cold is not best
Find the balance that's need­ed on the quest
No advice need be heeded
But to Time all is ceded
Do what you can while you can
That's how not to be also-ran
The years will be cheers
Don't overdo the beers
Yes, there are fears
But destiny is heres
Happy Birthday to the Traveler
You'll succeed and not unraveler

121209 Sunday — Magic Ponies in the Server Clouds

121209. Magic Ponies in the Server Clouds.

<mrmeow> dream
<mrmeow> about domains
<mrmeow> falling from the sky
<OldCoder> Lots of dots
<OldCoder> Lots of coms
<mrmeow> yes
Puddles of dreams of riches
On the ground
Splash through the APIs
And the acronyms
Dreams of magic ponies
Pulling wheelbarrows of money
Down from the server clouds
<mrmeow> dropping dns servers, web servers, mail servers, vps
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Server Clouds
Server Clouds

Illustration by Jon Lock. Posted at a Deviant Art account that, as of 2020, no longer exists. License is be­lieved to permit redistribution. Attribution has been moved from the illustration it­self to this text box.

150301 Sunday — The Batches Song

150301. The Batches Song.

I knew a data-entry per­son, Laurie, who spent hours at a time typing “batches” of data. She was overworked, so this song was writ­ten to cheer her up.

Batches are the peak
Of their merits we speak
Batches are our friends
On Batches we depends
Loads of fun
No need to point a gun
Cuddly and cute
Do not Batches shoot
Batch all day
Batch all night
Nothing is astray
In the Lord's mighty sight
Batch all day
For prices we pray
Batch all night
No need for fright
Batches are swell
Profits ring the bell
Batches are our friends
On Batches we depends
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Data Entry

151225 Friday — Coder Christmas 2015

CODER CHRISTMAS 2015 — by OldCoder

It's true that Winter can be cold
If the Old Coder is not alone, he can regard­less be bold
No need for fears
No need for tears
In this modern age, Winter is a state of mind
Around the world, many peo­ple are kind
If some­body sends a thought that carries with it a Song
The Soul and the Song together do belong
Somewhere it is always Spring
Somewhere there is a Song to sing

This was a re­sponse to the fol­low­ing piece, which was sent to me by Linzhaoxing in China:

To the winter solstice, happy smiling filled
Happy snow, sunshine accompany you all the way
Cold weather, re­mem­ber to add warm clothing
I wish Happy Winter Solstice!
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