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Random hum­or­ous doggerel.

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150101 Thursday — OldCoder Cow Song
Everybody likes cows
At cows they goes wows
On a leash or on a plate
As friends or food cows are great
Cows are friendly and fine
Cows are hard to define
Cows feel need­ed when milk you take
Happier than when burgers you bake
Cows is a marvelous phrase
Cows do not dance they sim­ply graze
Cows never fail to amaze
Cows we should nows all praise

Illustration is dis­trib­u­ted under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0. For at­trib­u­tion purposes, the creator and rights holder is asiapasek.

161010 Monday — Chrysler and Bell


<CodeLicker> What did Chrysaor said to Bellerophon?

Chrysler said
Bet you're not dead
Bell Telephone
said you I'm going to own
Chrysler and Bell
Give them Hell
Jet yet and down you set
This is what you'll need to vet
Write all day and all night
In God's Holy Sight
Tell the story you need to tell
Perhaps all will be well
Night Day Curse Pray
Say what you shoulds
Run into the woods
Be what you need to be
What will happen, we will see
Rhyme against OldCoder?
You are than mice much bolder
Rhyme time next to me most are mime
* OldCoder knows which way it goes
* OldCoder rhymes from heads to toes
God Phone

130101 Tuesday — Flame Fish

130101. Flame Fish.

One day, the Masked Lua drew a Flame Fish. This rhyme was the obvious re­sponse.

A flame made a wish
To be a dif­fer­ent sort of fish
The wish was granted
Flame and Fish found a niche
Flame Fish will not end on dish
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Flame Fish

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